While trying to blow off some steam with a stick on the beach, our girl Olive tore her ACL. It was only a minor devastation for her at first, as she was not allowed to continue to play on the beach, but this injury has continued to cut into Olive's play time. Her little brother is equally devastated – solo walks aren't as fun and playing around the house is no longer allowed.
After many trips to many vets and much research, we are opting for non-surgical therapy treatment. We are working closely with a specialist who says Olive is "young, healthy, strong, and beautiful" among other things having more specifically to do with her ACL. This non-surgical treatment involves frequent trips to The Vet (which Olive hates), an at home exercise routine that offers lots of treats (which Olive loves), a custom leg brace (we haven't received it yet), and more...
Our recent history has been abundant with unforeseen expenses. Things are often tight around here. We are two newly freelance working artists and we don't quite have our footing (Olive doesn't appreciate that pun). These treatments will be ongoing and they cost a lot.
SO we are reaching out to our community. EVERYTHING we sell on this little web shop will go directly to Olive's medical bills. With your help, we will move through the next several months a little less stressed out. We are also painfully aware we are not the only ones going through hard times. We are asking for help, and we are gladly accepting it, but it's important for us to give a little too. Olive has agreed to donate 10% of everything she earns to the ACLU.
We will ship items on Wednesdays and will do local Santa Rosa drop offs on Mondays. Everything will ship USPS priority.
We are so grateful for your support. The ability to be able to call on our community is a gift and we feel it deeply. Thank you for helping us keep our heads above water and our tails wagging.